ifolor photo gifts ifolor photo gifts

ifolor photo gifts ifolor photo gifts

Create extraordinary photo gifts for friends and family from your smartphone or PC! Create extraordinary photo gifts for friends and family from your smartphone or PC!

A classic but nonetheless original gift, the photo mug with your own printed pictures is always a great choice to surprise your beloved ones. Design a unique photo gift they will be able to use every day and that will remind them of you each time they drink a cup of coffee with this photo mug. For right or left handers, you can put one or even several images on your mug to make it as personal as you wish.

With Ifolor, you can design your personal mouse pad with your own photos and add to your desktop this special feature that will make it so unique. Print on your mouse pad some of your most beloved pictures or even make it as a calendar: the possibilities are only limited to your imagination! This is a wonderful gift to always have your most beautiful memories at hand. Design your mouse pad right now!

Can be used very individually in a variety of ways – the new photo stickers in round or rectangular format. Really eye-catching on gifts, greeting cards, photo books, calendars or in your own home.

Design your photo stickers to suit any occasion, mark or decorate your objects however you fancy.

You probably know it - smartphones are never safe from scratches and drops. An Ifolor’s smartphone case gives your device the best possible protection and lets you personalize your phone with your most precious memories. The case can be printed from edge to edge, and you will be able to put up to six photos on it. Matt or glossy finish.

With the Photo puzzle from ifolor you can create great memories and have lots of fun too. It's a fun idea for a creative and playful gift. Choose between 50, 196, 500 and 1000 pieces and make your own puzzle with one or more pictures. You can use one of many templates to create your favourite design. Choose your personal layout now for your picture puzzle.

The photo display combines great features with wonderful design to make up a perfect picture gift. Its frameless wood panel make your pictures stand out, while the scratch free plastic coating will protect them. Thanks to its firm easel you will be able to move it anywhere you want. With many templates and the possibility to add several photos, you can turn your picture display into an unique gift.

Create your own homemade card game: personalised card game made from your own photos. Choose 24 of your favourite photos and print them in pairs- perfect for both young and old alike. We print them in pairs as small, square cards in 6x6 cm format. Thanks to the sturdy card material, the personalised photo card game is ideal for children. The compact memo game comes in a handy box and is perfect for playing at home and on the go.

The photo flip is a wonderful eye-catcher that allows you to present 25 of your favourite pictures. Decorative and easy to move, this is a great gift for those who like to display their photos while being able to change them at any time. In portrait or panorama, there is nothing easier: just pick your most memorable memories and display them in the order of your liking in just a few clicks.

The stand-up picture frame and a real eye-catcher on your desk: your photo as an elegant acrylic glass block. The crystal clear acrylic glass looks attractively delicate and yet it stands really solidly on the table or shelf thanks to its 18 mm thickness. Your photo is fixed in place by a magnetic metal sheet. Simply place your favourite photo between the acrylic glass sheet and magnetic stainless steel back. Four magnets hold both sides of the acrylic photo block securely together. Swapping photos takes no time at all: pull the metal sheet off the back, change the photo, replace the metal sheet on the magnet – done. You can really easily order your acrylic photo block stand-up picture frame online. Give it a try!

Bring a special photo back to life whether it’s from the beach vacations, the winter trip, or a romantic couple. Similar to the snow globe, the ifolor Shake Photo Frame is filled with a transparent liquid and optional sand, sparkling hearts, or snowflakes. As the name suggests, by shaking it you can stir up the sand, make the hearts fly or make the snowflakes trickle.

Our handy, personalised cork coasters are not only perfect for preventing ring marks on your table, they also give your table decoration a really personal touch with your favourite photos. We print your coasters in high gloss to bring out the brilliant colours in your photos. With their non-slip cork bases and robust surfaces, your photo coasters are also really long-lasting.

Sigg and ifolor: two Swiss companies working together to offer you this high-quality water bottle. Create your own personal bottle for everyday use or as a unique gift. This bottle is leakproof, lightweight and of course, free from harmful chemicals.

About the ifolor photo gifts

The biggest and most expensive gift is not necessarily the best. It really is the thought that counts. With an ifolor photo gift you can give someone a personal and unique gift that brings joy and lasts for years to come. The design is easy with ifolor Designer for Mac and PC. You can even create your photo gifts with your smartphone using our free ifolor Photo Service app for iOS and Android.

Creative and unique surprises

Creative and unique surprises
Make someone smile with a truly unique gift designed with your favourite photo. Discover creative ideas for surprising friends and family with ifolor photo gifts.

Quick and easy design

Quick and easy design
Turning a regular item into your very own unique photo gift is child's play. Choose a layout, place your photo using simple drag and drop, and your surprise is ready for its recipient!

Something for every occasion

Something for every occasion
Find the right ideas for every possible occasion among the many different photo gifts from ifolor. There is something for young and old, partner or parent, birthdays or Valentine's Day.

How to make your photo gift

Import your photos

Select the photos you want to have in your photo book from your gallery, social media, or cloud storage.

Create your photo gift

Choose a template and layout and place your photos on your photo gift.

Checkout within seconds

Proceed to the easy and secure checkout using the product cart.

Enjoy your memories
Your unique photo gift will be delivered to you within a few working days.

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Questions & answers about our photo gifts

Can I use more than one photo to design my photo gift?

Most of the ifolor photo gifts can be designed as collages using ifolor Designer and the ifolor Photo Service app. Simply select a template with multiple photos to create a collage on a photo mug, photo display, smartphone case, photo puzzle or mousepad.

The photo stickers don't have enough space for collages, but you can design them with the same or different photos per sheet. On the photo flip you can use up to 25 photos overall.

Are certain photo gifts especially suited for specific occasions?

You can design each of our photo gifts with fitting layouts and designs for any occasion. In ifolor Designer, the design is child's play and you can filter the layouts for the specific occasion you are creating the gift for. You can find creative ideas for various occasions on our blog ifolor Inspire.

Are there layout templates for photo gifts?

Once you have chosen a photo gift, you will be shown a list of layouts you can use to design your photo gift. You can also filter for specific occasions like Christmas, Easter, or Valentine's Day to find suitable layouts easily and quickly. Some templates also leave room to design your photo gift with a collage of multiple photos.

Can I send the photo gift directly to the recipient?

Yes, simply select a different delivery address to the billing address. The price of the product will not be included in the delivery but is sent to you separately.

Making photo products has never been easier Making photo products has never been easier

Making photo products has never been easier Making photo products has never been easier

• Lots of designs and templates
• Design your own products using photos and text
• Save photo products for later
• Lots of designs and templates
• Design your own products using photos and text
• Save photo products for later