Digital photos Digital photos

Digital photos Digital photos

Bring your most wonderful photos to paper - premium photo paper! Bring your most wonderful photos to paper - premium photo paper!

You can now have your most beautiful memories always at-hand. In 9cm, 10cm, 11cm, 13cm or 20cm format and at an attractive price.

Develop your photos on premium photo paper for brilliant quality and durability. Order your photos online with just a few clicks!

Your photos are shown off brilliantly on a modern square print, plain or with white margin.

Whether it’s digital photos or your photos from social media – the square prints are ideal for all your most wonderful moments.

The special vintage style retro prints let you wallow in nostalgia.

Label your photos and capture a special moment forever. Your photos still shine even years later on high-quality real photo paper.

The stand-up picture frame and a real eye-catcher on your desk: your photo as an elegant acrylic glass block. The crystal clear acrylic glass looks attractively delicate and yet it stands really solidly on the table or shelf thanks to its 18 mm thickness. Your photo is fixed in place by a magnetic metal sheet. Simply place your favourite photo between the acrylic glass sheet and magnetic stainless steel back. Four magnets hold both sides of the acrylic photo block securely together. Swapping photos takes no time at all: pull the metal sheet off the back, change the photo, replace the metal sheet on the magnet – done. You can really easily order your acrylic photo block stand-up picture frame online. Give it a try!

Can be used very individually in a variety of ways – the new photo stickers in round or rectangular format. Really eye-catching on gifts, greeting cards, photo books, calendars or in your own home.

Design your photo stickers to suit any occasion, mark or decorate your objects however you fancy.

Only the best quality for your memories

Your photos, your choice: ifolor offers you a wide variety of choice for printing your digital photos, beyond the classic photo formats. After all, unique photos want for a unique presentation. Our Square Prints let you print your pictures in 10 x 10 cm format and you can remember the good old days of Polaroid photography with our Retro Prints with the infamous white margin.

Choose the best format for your ideas

Only the best for your photos
Your photos deserve the very best. That's why we print your digital photos on premium photo paper. Colours and details stay vibrant and impressive for years to come, so you can reminisce in your most precious memories.

Easy design, online and offline

Upgrade your digital photos
All the ifolor photo formats fit perfectly into the acrylic photo block. For both portrait and landscape format photos: your acrylic photo block is set up in no time at all and shows off your favourite photo beautifully.

High quality made in Switzerland

The different photo sizes

In some cases, size does indeed matter. Depending on the so-called aspect ratio, your photos will fit into specific formats. Discover the perfect format for your photo size here and make the most of your beautiful photos!

Questions & answers about our photos

Which formats can I choose for my photos?

The standard photo formats available range from 9 cm to 20 cm. If you're looking for a fresher, more extraordinary format, there are the Square Prints and the Retro Prints in 10 x 10 cm format. Retro Prints offer the charm of a white border, making them look like proper Polaroid photos. On it, you can write captions or labels.

What is the best resolution for high-quality prints?

Generally speaking, the higher the resolution, the better the result. When you upload your photos to ifolor, too low a resolution will result in a warning notification. You can still use it for your prints; however, the quality may not be ideal in this case.

The following will give you an indication of the ideal resolution for different formats (in pixels as well as megapixels):

9 cm format 1050x1600 pixels or 2.0 MP

10 cm format 1200x1800 pixels or 2.8 MP

20 cm format 2400x3600 pixels or 10 MP

Can I print photos directly from my smartphone?

To print your photos from your smartphone, you can download our free Photo Service App for Android and iOS. It lets you select all your beautiful photos from your gallery and order them as high-quality prints from ifolor.

Can I label my photos?

To add dates, names, or other information about the photo on the back of your prints, click on the "Options" tab after uploading your photos. You have 30 characters at your disposal for this.

If you're looking to add captions or labels to the front of your photos, you will need to use photo editing software. Once you have added your text, simply save your photo as a JPEG file and upload it to ifolor.

Our ifolor Retro Prints offer you the classic white border you know from Polaroid photographs. Here, you can add your text by hand once you receive your prints.

Making photo products has never been easier Making photo products has never been easier

Making photo products has never been easier Making photo products has never been easier

• Lots of designs and templates
• Design your own products using photos and text
• Save photo products for later
• Lots of designs and templates
• Design your own products using photos and text
• Save photo products for later